Sameeksha will change that for you.
  • You will get the right people into the team
  • Your development team will work productively
  • Your technical leads will lead their team well
Sameeksha is started by S. Govindkrishna who has 20+ years of experience in software development. He has managed engineering teams and worked as Head of HR for Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd., one of India’s oldest product development organizations.


There are many organizations that will give you a list of resumes. We do something very different, we help you create a sustainable recruitment process.


The Power Up Interventions are high quality sessions designed for working IT professionals. The interventions are led by S. Govindkrishna and Charles Lobo who are experienced industry veterans.


The software industry works strangely. It “punishes” good coders who understand computers very well by “rewarding them” with managerial positions, asking them manage a bunch of incompetent coders!

For every person there will be turning point in his career as well as in his personal life, There might be many such occasions for personal life. But I would say for career changing the PowerBoost Workshop is turning point for all the programmers.
Madhu Sudhan
It’s really nice if we follow what was taught in the PowerBoost workshop, it will definitely help to improve development efficiency & also make projects more manageable
Dnyaneshwar Varal
I am glad to have participated in the PowerBoost Workshop and I would recommend any software engineer to take part in it. This will definitely change the way I work as I now realize my mistakes/overheads which I thought was necessary evil can be overcome using techniques learnt.
Giridhar CR
The training was very helpful, which helps to fill the gaps of development phases. This training is very good guidelines to start with for 2+ years of experience to work in systematic manner and fill the pot holes in development style.
Bushan Jagdish
The PowerBoost workshop will definitely change a developer to design ,code ,test and debug differently. If one follow all  the techniques sincerely and consistently can become more efficient ,can add more value to the business or company
Prathibha Rane
We work with development teams wanting to take on difficult and challenging assignments and produce astonishingly great team output.